Walkability – Is that Really a Word?

Something buyers are looking for in the Marketplace are homes that are within walking distance to schools, neighborhood amenities, restaurants and shopping.  So in response to this demand developers are designing neighborhoods with this in mind.

As a city, Jacksonville, FL gets a very low score on walkability.  Being the largest land mass city in the country, EVERYTHING is very spread out.  However, if you look at some recent developments you’ll see a trend.  Take the community of Nocatee.  There is a Town Center with new restaurants popping up, a huge Publix and of course the incredible Water Park.

The Jacksonville Beaches are also buying into this concept.  There has been a huge increase in the number of restaurants and shops that have opened within walking distance of several neighborhoods.  For example, the Town Center in Atlantic/Neptune Beach.  There are also several condos east of Third Street in Jax Beach.  On any given day you’ll see people walking, jogging and riding their bikes.

Sitting has been referred to as the new smoking because sitting can be as harmful to your health as smoking.  People want to be more active and being able to take a walk to the store for some milk instead of jumping in the car is more appealing.

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