Coastal Real Estate Property Management

One of the services that we provide is property management in Jacksonville FL and the surrounding areas. We have homeowners who have moved away, but didn’t want to sell their homes or investors who are looking for someone to rent out their Northeast Florida Real Estate properties.

Property Management Service

Level 1

Tenant Placement

We find a tenant for the property and put the lease together.

Property maintenance and rent collection is up to the property owner.

Level 2

Full Property Management

We find a tenant for the property and put the lease together.

We also collect the rent and handle any problems that arise such as repairs.

What’s Included

For all of our properties:
  • Advertisement on the internet and in the MLS
  • Our team of agents will show the rental properties for you
  • We take care of the application process
  • You make the decision based on the information we gather, who the tenant will be
  • We run credit reports of all candidates
  • We author the lease and get everyone’s agreement to the terms.
  • We collect the security deposit
For full property management customers:
  • We place the security deposit in an escrow account
  • We prepare the property for the tenant to move in.
    • If the property needs to be cleaned, painted or find any other repair, we will clear it with you and then coordinate the contractors.
  • We will collect the first month’s rent and give the tenant the keys, garage door openers, etc when they move in.
  • Rest assured that any repairs that are needed will be cleared with you except in emergency cases such as it’s 99 degrees outside and the air conditioner goes out.

You as the owner will receive a monthly statement as to how much rent was collected. We will also show the monthly fee we collect as well as any repairs that were done during that month. That way at the end of the year, you’ll have everything to turn over to your accountant.

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